We are a pool of talent, we are loads of experience, we are a fountain of ideas. We are young, we are old (HEY! Watch it!), we’ve been around. We are your neighbors, we are part of your community, we are your customers.


Collectively, we bring together a powerful mix of experience, knowledge and skill.


Our backgrounds include print design, advertising and marketing, business management, web production, and sales strategy. When our client-first concept is fused with the creative thinking of the MCS team, the results are successful, satisfied clients.




Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt, the Coach

20 years of helping businesses grow and our own by researching new marketing ideas to "keep the ship moving forward." But the reality of it is, he's not in the office much because he's always with clients. When he's not in the office leading our team to victory, he can found on the ball diamond coaching the local high school softball team.


Jake Kowalczyk, Young Gun

Fresh out of college, this kid's got spunk. Which is good, because he has to tackle any challenge we throw at him. From copywriting to market research, project management to office management. A little of this, a little of that, the list goes on. When he's not working, aw heck, who are we kidding he's always working.

Andy Senica

Andy Senica, Web Handyman

You want a site built, he’s your guy. You want some eblasts or web ads built, he’s your guy. Okay, you need anything web related, he’ll take care of you. And when he’s not stuck behind his computer, he’s dishing out DIY tips and advice to the other guys in the office before they make a mess of their home renovation projects.

Matt Ivey

Matt Ivey, Designer Extraordinaire

A wanderer, a travler. He gets out and sees the world, then comes back to the office with all his new influences to share. He brings new perspectives and views to his design and always has an idea or ten to toss out.



Amy Decker

Amy Decker, A MacGyver Of Sorts

OK, So that reference may date her a bit, but she really thinks that MacGyver should be a verb. Whether it be ideas, art media or random vintage or broken objects, she can put things together and create them into something that meets the need and is nice to look at as well. She enjoys designing, writing, public speaking, hiking, power tools and cooking. This could easily double as a dating profile if it continues, so we will stop it right there.

AJ Chambers

AJ Chambers, The Go-To Guy

The wearer of many hats. Really, he wears one every day. We don't know if he has hair or not. But no, he is a graphic designer, a web designer, an anything-you-ask-him-to designer. If he doesn't know how to do it, he'll figure it out. When there's snow on the ground you can find him on the ski slopes...when there isn't any, he's wishing for some.


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